Ethical behavior

Our code of conduct and business ethics is based on 8 points:

1. Human rights
We are committed to compliance with international human rights within our sphere of influence.

2. Discrimination and respect
We encourage mutual respect and reject any kind of discrimination.

3. Relationship with our employees
We take account of our employees’ opinion and motivation.

4. Health and safety
We create a working environment compliant with established health and safety requirements in each job.

5. Employee development
We take account of our employees’ future, considering their professional development.

6. Earnings
We recognise employees’ rights to appropriate earnings, and meet minimum wages, according to the established bargaining agreement.

7. Associates
We invite our associates to apply principles of social responsibility in their business.

8. Responsibility
Lastly, we expect our employees’ commitment to compliance with GMV’s code of business conduct.

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