Culture GMV

Our aim: know-how.
We Know How is much more than a set phrase; it is a whole set of experiences and years of maturity that GMV has acquired throughout all these years.
We Know How is one of GMV’s basic elements, it is the way to move forward and to keep growing.
We Know How is our most valuable asset, it is GMV’s patrimony.

To bring added value to the lifting and hoisting market, via our products and services.

We work to guarantee excellence throughout the entire life cycle of our products, as a global, leading company in the manufacture, distribution and sale of components, committing ourselves to our customers’ safety, quality and technological innovation via energy efficiency.

We dedicate our efforts to meeting market-generated expectations. Similarly, in conjunction with our customers, we create our brand, positioning ourselves as leaders in components for the lifting and hoisting market.

Our success is due to the commitments that GMV undertakes for the brand, such as safety, reliability and competitiveness in the product and service; as well as the growing social responsibility integrated in their values: environmental sustainability; continuous training, teamwork between associate and customer, or the opportunity for new values. 

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